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Vestibular/Balance Assessment

As research continues to demonstrate the potential long-term impact of concussion in sports, the importance of objective assessment in the management of concussion has become vital.

The Biodex™ Balance Assessment for Concussion Management adds the objective neurophysical component that gives clinicians the ability to quantify the elements of balance before and after an injury occurs. Using the Clinical Test of Sensory Integration of Balance (CTSIB), the Biodex Balance Assessment can independently test all three sensory feedback systems (visual, vestibular, and somatosensory/proprioceptive).

Objective data is generated and provides a baseline against which post-injury performance can be compared. In addition, test results from a healthy population of student-athletes are stored on the device for general normative data comparison. Detailed summary and progress reports track recovery and provide the medical team with quantitative data to help with the return-to-play decision.

Ultrasound Guided

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Clinical Test of Sensory Integration of Balance (CTSIB)

The Biodex mCTSIB quantifies postural sway under these four sensory conditions:

  1. Eyes Open, Firm Surface – Provides a baseline. Information available by all three sensory inputs: somatosensory, visual, and vestibular.
  2. Eyes Closed, Firm Surface – Visual not available; somatosensory and vestibular are available. If the athlete performs poorly, the vestibular or somatosensory may be compromised, with an increase in visual dependency.
  3. Eyes Open, Unstable Surface – Somatosensory compromised; visual and vestibular are available. If the athlete performed poorly, visual or vestibular may be compromised, with an increase in somatosensory dependency.
  4. Eyes Closed, Unstable Surface – Visual not available; somatosensory compromised, only vestibular available. Concussed athletes are most likely to present problems in this condition. If performance is reduced beyond normal or baseline readings, the vestibular system may be disrupted.

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