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Physical Therapy

At Legacy Medical Centers, we fully understand and appreciate that each physical therapy case comes with its own unique challenges and complexities. That’s why we work closely with our patients in one-on-one settings to ensure that we devise and execute treatment plans that are individually tailored to your specific needs and that put you on the most efficient and effective path to recovery. Our expert team of therapists, led by Dr. Joel Antonucci, leverage an extensive and diverse knowledge base to effectively treat and educate patients on the wide array of conditions that bring them to us. Whether it is a sports injury, neurological condition or accident-related injury, we have the tools and expertise at our disposal to properly treat your condition and ensure you are positioned to prevent further injury and future complications. The Legacy Medical Centers' approach is rooted in hands-on manual therapy techniques that allow our doctors to hone on the root causes of musculoskeletal and neurological discomfort and deficiencies while respecting the patient’s pain tolerances and sensitivities. This unique approach, coupled with our leading-edge tools and technology, helps Legacy Medical Centers stand out as best-in-breed, full-service physical therapy providers in the Pittsburgh area.

Passive Modalities

Therapeutic Ultrasound and Electrical Stimulation for Pain and Healing

Soft Tissue Mobilization

IASTM Has Myriad Benefits

Fascial Stretch Therapy

Stretch Your Fascia to Improve Mobility & Athletic Performance

Mechanical Spinal Traction

Non-Surgical Relief from Leg, Back and Neck Pain

Flexion Distraction Therapy

Non-Surgical Treatment Specific to Lower Back Pain

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