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Dr. Carly Cunningham

Dr. Carly’s interest into the health field started at a young age. At the age of 7, Dr. Cunningham was involved in competitive gymnastics where she sustained numerous injuries. She states, “I was constantly trying to overcome injuries most of which never healed.” She states not understanding why she could not find a treatment that truly helped her. However, her injuries never slowed her down as she was a competitive gymnast for 10 years and afterwards started taking up running. Her competitive nature geared her as a marathon runner.

After receiving her bachelor’s degree in Exercise Science from Kent State University, Dr. Cunningham put her passion for running and desires to understand human physiology to the test. As she graduated and worked for a gym as a personal trainer/ fitness coach she knew she wanted to make a difference in peoples lives. She states becoming interested and fascinated with chiropractic and holistic healing. She states the profession changed her outlook on health and life. Understanding the body’s mechanics and joint mobilization helped her not to just become a better runner, but a better doctor. She now realizes the importance of chiropractic care for injury prevention. She went on to compete in 5 marathons, 5 half marathons, and multiple 5k’s per year, which has helped her in understanding the importance of treatment and underlying biomechanics of running. Dr. Carly states, “I am able to perform to my highest capability due to chiropractic treatment and the advanced technologies that Legacy Medical Center has to offer.” Dr. Carly states she is a firm believer of getting treated regularly because it gives high performance athletes an extra edge so they can perform at optimal level. Dr. Carly emphasizes a lifestyle and the importance of exercise and nutrition. As Dr. Carly is a born and raised Pittsburgh native, she understands the true love for sports and importance of injury prevention.

Dr. Carly received her BA in Exercise Physiology at Kent State University. She went on to receive her doctorate in Chiropractic at Palmer Florida. She realizes the importance of continuing education and staying current with new technology and advanced techniques. Dr. Carly is trained and certified in active release technique, which helps treat soft tissue adhesion and improves range of motion.

“I have a strong passion and desire for chiropractic care. I’m blessed to have found a profession that continues to motivate me and give my life purpose. I know that my love for helping people will assist in prevention of disease and promote a healthy wellness approach to health care.”

Dr. Carly’s interests include weight lifting, marathon running, and nutrition.