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Legacy Medical Centers was founded with the intention of uniting the best integrated providers around to deliver a truly unique medical experience that is completely patient focused. Our philosophy at Legacy Medical is that patients benefit most when these healing approaches work in a complimentary fashion towards a primary goal rather than apart. We believe that medicine should not be approached in a passive manner-that it takes a true commitment.


Your spine is the information highway between the body and brain. When a joint is fixated or stuck it can cause many problems including pain. Our chiropractic therapy techniques are based on medical research and the study of joint biomechanics to restore you to normal function and motion.

Physical Therapy Pittsburgh

Physical Therapy

Did you know that you have a choice where to receive your physical therapy care? In many instances, you do NOT need a doctor’s prescription to begin physical therapy. You can expect your physical therapy care to begin with a thorough Evaluation performed by a Doctor of Physical Therapy (DPT) who has been trained to identify your impairments and will construct an effective treatment plan that will address your goals.

Knee Pain, Elbow Pain and Wrist Pain

Medical Services

Legacy Medical Centers offers medical and regenerative medicine therapies to help alleviate joint, muscle, and tendon pain without dangerous or costly surgery.


Often employed by athletes recovering from workouts or injuries, cryotherapy uses subzero temperatures to reduce inflammation, relieve pain, and increase mobility. Though the skin’s surface temperature can drop, the treatment’s short duration keeps guests’ core temperatures at normal levels.

Concussion Testing


Concussion Screening and Treatment: One of the specialty services that Legacy Medical Centers provides is free baseline concussion screening for all athletes ten years of age or older. We at Legacy Medical Centers want everyone to be aware of the serious dangers of concussions.