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Legacy Medical Centers is a proud partner of DNA STAT as part of a national clinical study in providing testing of medication breakdown pathways (pharmacogenomics) in order to eliminate the guesswork involved in prescribing the right medicine (i.e. pain medications) to the right patient.

Each person responds in a slightly different way to medications. DNA STAT uses a buccal swab (basically a q-tip that is brushed on the inside of the cheeks) to test how individuals process, or “metabolize” different medications. This test will provide both the patient and physician with a report that can be used to determining the best treatment options.

The Testing Process:

  • Step 1 A Legacy Medical Professional will swab the patient’s cheek
  • Step 2 The sample is sent to DNA Stat’s partner lab to be tested
  • Step 3 The results are incorporated into an individualized patient report by a licensed pharmacist
  • Step 4 Depending on the outcome of the results, medications may be adjusted
  • Step 5 The patient’s insurance will be billed